Welcome to The Program of Life, a spiritually inspired analysis of God’s original coding sealed within each human being.

~ Interpreted by Mary L. Carter as revealed through a personal spiritual journey.

Do You Know What Life Really Is?

We humans are sometimes so narcissistic that we believe we are the only ones who can create a program to complete our tasks. The concept of our creator using a program to complete his most complex task – the creation of life – never entered into our minds.

Are we alone? Are we children of the fallen? Or, more importantly, are we the fallen?

Do you know how to communicate with the program of life? Although this website is based on biblical scriptures and a personal spiritual journey, the answers have nothing to do with Religion but everything to do with accessing the creator through prayer.  This “spiritual” program of life is parallel to the tangible evidence that a “biological” program runs DNA.

At some point in time, there had to be a creator because we certainly did not create ourselves, nor did we just happen to exist. The human mind is far too limited to think of such an original task.

How did Darkness originate and why does it seem to linger over man?

We welcome your comments and opinions on this subject and any of the blog topic discussions on this website.

Please remember to be respectful and considerate in your responses. Profanity and indecency are not allowed.

Thank You
Mary L. Carter


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